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Trust your valuable cargo with Innovation Building 

EPS is an ideal packaging material to transport just about anything, including fragile and expensive items.  Innovation Building offers standard sized material or we can custom cut packaging material to meet your unique needs. 

Why use EPS in shipping and transport?

Made of 98% air thus not adding extra weight
Exceptional at shock absorbing
Outstanding thermal insulation
Moisture resistant

Environmentally friendly 

Packaging Products

Innovation Building can provide you premium packaging materials to meet your business needs.   We offer both standard and customized packaging products.      


Perfect for protecting marble and other large heavy objects.


EPS beads provide excellent light-weight protection for fragile items.  

Food Boxes

Keep fish and vegetables fresh with out eco-friendly boxes. 

Custom Orders

EPS can be easily molded or cut to meet your packaging requirements.   

Let's get packing! 
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